Natália Guerreiro wins ‘John Trim Scholarship 2018’

John Trim Scholarship 2018

ICAEA would like to pass our congratulations to Natália Guerreiro, founder of the Aviation English Hub, and ICAEA Research Group Member, on being awarded a Cambridge English John Trim Scholarship 2018. The scholarship will enable Natalia to attend the IATEFL Conference in Brighton (UK) in April 2018, where she will also join the TEASIG PCE on the theme of Listening Assessment.

How airplanes are maintained today (Vanity Fair)

“Over the past decade, nearly all large US airlines have shifted heavy maintenance work on their airplanes to repair shops thousands of miles away, in developing countries, where the mechanics who take the planes apart (completely) and put them back together (or almost) may not even be able to read or speak English. US Airways and Southwest fly planes to a maintenance facility in El Salvador. Delta sends planes to Mexico. United uses a shop in China. American still does much of its most intensive maintenance in-house in the US, but that is likely to change in the aftermath of the company’s merger with US Airways.”

ICAEA Workshop on ERAU Scholarly Commons

In support of ICAEA’s Mission Statement to share knowledge, expertise and experience on issues important to aviation English, we are pleased to announce that the proceedings of the ICAEA Workshop – Dubrovnik, April 2017 – are now available via Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU, USA) Scholarly Commons.

Top 10 annoying pilotisms on the radio (Aero Daily)

With a good dose of humour, a US airline pilot makes some serious points:

“We can all agree there are many ‘pilot personalities’ out there. I spend the majority of my day listening to all sorts of stuff said over the radio and while most of it I just tune out, there are a few things that just make me cringe. While most of this is harmless, especially if you are cruising into Joe Schmoes Airport in Nowheresville, USA – it annoys me (and probably ATC much worse) when New York Center is overloaded and understaffed during rush hour traffic while some pilot is making their transmission longer with useless words and phrases.”