Exploring the Aviation English training needs of:

• Ab-initio Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, and,

• Aircraft Maintenance Personnel.

WHEN: 8th – 10th May, 2019
WHERE: Chiba – Tokyo, Japan

As industry growth and the number of non-native English speaking personnel entering the industry accelerates particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, this conference explored the language proficiency and communications training needs of two important groups of personnel:

  • ab-initio pilots and ATCOs as they prepare for and undergo training to enter the industry, and,
  • aircraft maintenance personnel engaged in all aspects of MRO operations.

With over 100 participants from more than 35 countries, this was ICAEA’s first event in Asia for seven years. Considering the interest and enthusiasm for the conference, and the dynamic exchange of experience and views during the event, the Association will plan a follow-up event in Asia in the near future.

Attendees at the ICAEA Conference 2019: Tokyo, Japan

Conference Proceedings

ICAEA’s 2019 Conference was hosted by All Nippon Airways (ANA) at Hotel The Manhattan in Chiba, Tokyo.

The event comprised Presentations, Q&A Panels, interactive Panel Presentations, practical Workshops, and a social programme that included a dinner banquet and traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, generously arranged by our host, ANA.

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Links to view Presentations and Workshop Materials are available below.

DAY 1 – Wednesday 8th May

Presentation 1
Changing Traffic, Changing Communication Dynamics: Training for The Next Generation of Pilots and Controllers in Asia
Michael Kay, ICAEA President / Aerothai (Thailand)

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Presentation 2
Identifying the English Language Skills Required by Non-Native English Speaking Pilot Trainees During Flight Training
Megumi Nishikawa, Tokai University (Japan)
Yoshinao Nawata, Japan Civil Aviation College (Japan)

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Presentation 3
How Research on English as a Lingua Franca can Help to Identify and Address New Training Needs of the Changing Aviation Community
Markus Bieswanger, Bayreuth University (Germany)

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Presentation 4
Repair Strategies and Accommodative Theory in Pilot-Controller Communication
Haryani Hamzah, National University of Malaysia / Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (Malaysia)

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Regional Case Study 1
Effective Communications Training for Non-Native English Speaking Ab-Initio Pilot Trainees
Natsuchika Aboshi, All Nippon Airways (Japan)

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Regional Caase Study 2
Standard Phraseology in Aviation: Issues, Prospects and Trajectories for ELP Programs in the Philippines
Ramsey Ferrer, Philippine State College of Aeronautics (Philippines)

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Presentation 5
Aviation Familiarity and Language Teaching in a Practical Context
Tyler Heath, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA)

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Presentation 6
The Ab-Initio Aviation English Teacher: Developing Skill Sets for Trainers of Aviation English
Neil Bullock, English Plus LTS (Switzerland)

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Workshop A
How Simulation Enhances Communication as an Integration Tool in Ab-initio Air Traffic Controllers’ Training
Alicia Guana & María Carranza, EANA S.E (Argentina)

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Workshop B
Understanding on the Frequency: Improving Listening Comprehension of Radiotelephony with Ab-Initio Learners
Michael Connally, ENAC (France)

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Workshop C
Teaching Phraseology: How to reflect the Realia of Communication in Radiotelephony
Asiya Salikhova, AirBridge Cargo Airlines (Russia)

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DAY 2 – Thursday 9th May

Presentation 7
Adapting to the Training Needs of Pilots
Eugenia Bava, CIPE/EANA S.E. (Argentina)

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Presentation 8
ICAO Level 4 for Flight Training Admissions: A Square Peg in a Round Hole
Henry Emery & Capt. Dennis Gliddon, Latitude Aviation English Services (UK)

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Workshop D
Perspectives from Language Issues of Non-Native English Speakers: A More Specialized Analysis of Ab-initio Pilots Learner Language
Aline Pacheco, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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Workshop E
Finding Balance between Language Instruction and Content Use
Jena Lynch, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA)

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Workshop F
Dealing with Culture in Developing an Effective Pilot Language Program for Ab-initio Training
Jenny Drayton, GAL Air Navigation Services L.L.C. (UAE)
Michael Kelly, J.F. Oberlin University (Japan)

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Presentation 9
Communication Needs of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel, Problems and Challenges
Agnieszka Burda & Maciej Maciejowski, Polish Air Force University (Poland)

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Workshop G
English for Aircraft Maintenance Professionals: the Role of Online Learning
John O’dwyer & Christopher Coates, English for Aviation (Brazil)

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Workshop H
Understanding and Adapting English Training Needs for Maintenance Personnel – Findings and Achievements in Argentina
Claudia Helguera, APTA (Argentina)

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Workshop I
Challenges for English Language Training Providers in Creating Courses Adapted to Aircraft Maintenance Personnel: Two Case Studies
Juliette Bodson, Aviation English Private School (Belgium)

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DAY 3 – Friday 10th May

Workshop J
Training Solutions for Ab-Initio Pilots: Content and Language in Integrated Learning
Jennifer Roberts, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA)
Eric Friginal, Georgia State University (USA)

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Workshop K
Incorporating pronunciation, stress and intonation practice into ATC training
Anna Bernard, ENAC (France)

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Workshop L
From a Language-Only Approach to a Broader View of Communicative Competence for Intercultural Communications in Aviation
Ana Monteiro, Carleton University (Canada) / ANAC (Brazil)

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Presentation 10
English Language Training for Maintenance Personnel Matters
Zaharah Abd Jalal, MDEA Consultants (Malaysia)

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Presentation 11
Standards for Maintenance Personnel: What can we apply from the implementation of ICAO LPRs to the aviation maintenance industry?
Thomas Simon, NAWAH Energy Company (UAE)

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Presentation 12
Aviation English Training for Native English Speakers: Challenges and Suggestions
Dominique Estival, Western Sydney University (Australia)

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The ICAEA Board would like to express its thanks to the speakers, workshop leaders and all delegates, who together made the 2019 conference an exceptionally dynamic and engaging event.

Our particular thanks go to All Nippon Airways (ANA) – for their generous hosting and careful planning of the event, which ensured the smooth running and success of the conference.