Eurocontrol has published the 18th Edition of the EVAIR Safety Bulletin in cooperation with IATA. Based on more than 6700 pilot reports, 15000 reports from ANSPs and information from over 200 aircraft operators during the period 2012-2016, the bulletin provides statistics and identifies trends within types and causes of incidents.


“In the EVAIR database ‘Air-Ground Communication’ […] is present as a contributor in 32% of all reports [and] is the most common contributor to ‘Runway and Taxiway Incursions’, ‘Level Busts’, ‘ACAS RAs’, ‘Callsign Confusion’ and ‘Go-around’.

‘Misunderstanding/Interpretation’ is the area with the highest trend. After 3 years of a relatively stable rate, in summer 2016 this area recorded a 45% increase. ‘Language/Accent’ and ‘Situation not conveyed by pilots’ are the only areas which recorded a decrease in the number of reports during summer 2016.”


from the section Air-Ground Communication
EVAIR Safety Bulletin #18
August 2017

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