The FAA has invited comment on two draft Advisory Circulars (AC) affecting the Aviation English Language Standards (AELS) that apply to personnel holding or training for an FAA certificate.

Advisory Circular: 60-28B

FAA English Language Standard for an FAA Certificate Issued Under 14 CFR Parts 61, 63 & 65

This advisory circular (AC) introduces the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation English Language Standard (AELS) and provides guidance to applicants, airmen, training organizations, Designated Examiners (DE), and flight and ground instructors on how to determine that an applicant for an FAA certificate or a person holding an FAA certificate meets the FAA AELS.

Comments due: 27 February, 2017

Advisory Circular: 141-1B

Part 141 Pilot Schools, Application, Certification, and Compliance

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance for Part 141 pilot school applicants and others interested in the certification standards and requirements for certification under Part 141. This revision updates information found in AC 141-1A, Pilot School Certification, dated February 18, 1993, including additional information on compliance with Part 141, and includes a chapter on Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements for Part 141 pilot schools.

Comments due: 3 April, 2017

READ  the Draft Advisory Circulars at FAA website


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