The ICAEA Research Group (ICAEA-RG) is composed of Members of the Association who are currently involved in academic research into English language usage in aeronautical communications.

Areas of study by the Research Group include:

Specific Purpose
Training and Testing

Aviation English
as a Lingua Franca


The ICAEA-RG supports the aims of the Association by providing a network for the peer review of research, and a platform to share findings with the aviation English community and wider industry via ICAEA’s website, social media channels, ICAEA Forums and Workshops, and at other industry events.

The activities of the Group also offer ICAEA a sound base of empirical research in the fields of assessment and learning literacy which is used to guide the Association’s Projects and Event Program, while enhancing the field’s credibility with all industry stakeholders.

The Group is represented on the ICAEA Board by Neil Bullock and Ana Monteiro.

SEE  the ICAEA-RG page at the ICAEA website


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