Angela Garcia presents her MA Dissertation entitled: “What do ICAO Language Proficiency Test Developers and Raters say about the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements 12 years after their publication? A qualitative study exploring experienced professionals’ opinions.”



The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) related to language use for aeronautical radiotelephony communications were published in March 2003. Twelve years after their publication, in the light of research suggesting the revision of ICAO policy, it is important to learn what experts who have been working with the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPRs) think are their strengths and weaknesses according to their experiences. This dissertation investigates experienced test raters and test developers’ opinions about the ICAO LPRs. Six expert professionals were interviewed in this qualitative analytic research and the data were analysed in accordance with the thematic analyses method. The discussions included not only general features of the policy but also the specific features of the assessment criteria. The research puts forward suggestions for improvements that could be made to ICAO policy and recommends ICAO to revise the LPRs at the earliest.


Lancaster University, UK
October 2015

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