From placement to achievement: An airline perspective on language assessment

Insights from Türkiye

Thursday 27 July 2023


Hulya Arinik, Rana Inal, Emin Aslan and Ezgi Sengel (Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy)

Looking ahead to Conference 2023 in Istanbul in September, this webinar provided an overview of the use of different types of assessment used by an airline across a range of aviation professions.

Topics will include:

  • Purposes of different types of assessment: diagnostic, formative and summative,
  • Assessment design,
  • Assessment criteria,
  • Assessment and training models (TTT vs TT),
  • Implementation of assessments within Turkish Airlines (TEAM, iTEC, iTEP, English & Turkish proficiency exams).

The webinar also provided opportunities for participants to ask questions to the presenters.

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