Senior Aviation English Language Proficiency Specialist
Qatar Airways
Doha, Qatar

Job ID: 23335
Closing Date: 4 February 2020
Further information: QR’s Careers Site

Aviation English Instructional Specialist
Flight Training Department
Embry-Riddle Aviation University
Daytona Beach, Florida

Job ID: 190742
Position Advertised: 19 December 2019
Further information: ERAU Careers Portal

Aviation English Instructor
Bangkok, Thailand

Closing Date: 10 March 2019
Further information: Aerothai website
Aerothai, Thailand

Virtual Aviation English Instructor
Latitude Aviation English Services
Plymouth, UK

Position Advertised: 1 October 2018
Further information: Latitude AES website
Latitude logo

Aviation English Instructor
Horizon Aviation
Tianjin, China

Closing Date: 30 August 2018
Further information: PDF


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