With a good dose of humour, a US airline pilot makes some serious points:

“We can all agree there are many ‘pilot personalities’ out there. I spend the majority of my day listening to all sorts of stuff said over the radio and while most of it I just tune out, there are a few things that just make me cringe. While most of this is harmless, especially if you are cruising into Joe Schmoes Airport in Nowheresville, USA – it annoys me (and probably ATC much worse) when New York Center is overloaded and understaffed during rush hour traffic while some pilot is making their transmission longer with useless words and phrases.”


Here are his ‘Top 10 Observations’:

  1. Saying ANYTHING on Guard 121.5 at all!
  2. Accidentally transmitting on Guard 121.5
  3. Using the “Fish Finder” (A.K.A. TCAS, Traffic Collision Avoidance System) to respond to traffic alerts from ATC
  4. Not listening to the frequency before you key the mic
  5. Blocking transmissions to say “Blocked”
  6. Calling Atlanta Center “Hot-Lanta”
  7. Using the word FOR instead of Climbing/Descending
  8. Reading back every single syllable a controller says
  9. “Checking in”
  10. “With You”


from Aero Daily blog post
8 June, 2017

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