The effectiveness of ATC-pilot radio communication around the world

Pilot and ATCO discussion panel

13.00-14.30 UTC
Monday, 12 July, 2021 **NEW DATE**

Michael Kay (ICAEA), Neil Bullock (ICAEA), Inga Tephnadze (Georgia)

ATCOs: Rut Charaslertrangsi (Thailand), David Johnson (UK), Laure Pichon (France), Thiago Silva (Brazil)
Pilots: Christopher Coconnier (Germany), Shosuke Koyama (Japan), Jacqueline Pulido (Mexico), Kinya Sugimoto (Japan)

In this webinar we will discuss some results from ICAEA’s ongoing survey on pilots’ and ATCOs’ perceptions of the effectiveness of radio communication around the world.

The survey seeks to answer these questions:

1. How effective is radio communication in different regions of the world?
2. What are the main factors that cause ineffective radio communication?
3. How does ineffective radio communication affect operations?
4. Are the ICAO LPRs improving language proficiency for radio communication?

Our panel of pilots and ATCOs will discuss their views and experiences in aeronautical communication, the survey findings and the implications for work practices and training.


Factors affecting real-world pilot and ATC communication -2-

Pilot, ATCO and Linguist interview panel

Thursday 8 April, 2021

Michael Kay, Neil Bullock, Ana Lucia Monteiro (ICAEA)

ATCOs: Thiago Silva (Brazil), Yun Ping Chelsea Chen (Taiwan), Peter McCrostie (New Zealand)
Pilots: Christopher Coconnier (UK), Jacqueline Pulido (Mexico), Krystzof Sysio (Poland)
Linguists: Markus Bieswanger (Germany), Malila Prado (Brazil)

In this interview panel, we continued the theme of the January webinar, exploring the issues beyond language proficiency that influence communication outcomes in aeronautical communication. We analysed a recording of the communications that resulted from an aircraft experiencing problems, and asked our panel of experienced international pilots, controllers and linguists to consider the issues that affected the communication.


Factors affecting real-world pilot and ATC communication -1-

Pilot and ATCO interview panel

Monday 11 January, 2021

Michael Kay, Neil Bullock, Ana Lucia Monteiro (ICAEA Board)

ATCOs: Aline Jones (Switzerland), Alicia Guana (Argentina), Sebastian Zeries (Romania)
Pilots: Anja Beerans (The Netherlands), Lance Powell (UK), Gabriel Greggio (Brazil)

For our first webinar in 2021, we invited a panel of experienced international pilots and air traffic controllers to discuss how issues such as communication skills, operational knowledge and culture can influence the effectiveness of radiotelephony communications and ultimately, operational efficiency and safety.

During the webinar, we explored several examples of actual communications between pilots and controllers, and analysed how factors beyond language proficiency influenced their effectiveness and outcomes.