Our Aims

The International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) is a non-profit, non-partisan association that exists to:

  • facilitate exchanges between people and organisations involved in the use of English in aviation,
  • raise awareness of language proficiency and its effect on aviation safety, service quality and industry efficiency,
  • develop expertise about the use, training and testing of English in all aviation professions,
  • promote the sharing of expertise and cooperation between professions, industry and training organisations.

ICAEA Workshop: Dubrovnik, Croatia – 2017

Bringing together aviation professions

ICAEA works to improve standards and understanding of the role of English as used by all aviation professions: by pilots and air traffic controllers in air-to-ground communications, by multi-national crews on the flight deck and in the cabin, by maintenance personnel, ground staff and aviation training organisations.

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Safety, service and industry efficiency

ICAEA raises awareness of the role of English in aviation safety, service quality and efficiency: by connecting operational and language experts, and by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience and regional news.

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ICAEA Workshop: Santa Maria Island, The Azores – 2016

Best practices in training and assessment

ICAEA encourages the adoption and development of best practices in the training and testing of Aviation English: by supporting the development of guidelines and tools that promote harmonised standards, and by providing a meeting point for operators, regulators, industry bodies, academic and the language training and testing communities.

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ICAEA is overseen and administered by an elected Board of volunteers from around the world. Board Members have backgrounds in industry and/or language-related professions: operational, research, training and assessment.

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ICAEA Forum: Istanbul, Turkey – 2015