Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes

ICAO Circular 323 was co-written by ICAEA and ICAO to lay down a set of guidelines and best practices by which aviation English training programs can be designed, delivered, staffed, managed and assessed for appropriacy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“These guidelines were based on the expertise and experience of the Board and members of the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) as an integral part of its commitment to enhancing standards in aviation English training as instrumental to improving the standard of aviation communications worldwide. In doing so, there is one single concern: safety.

National authority personnel, training managers, administrators, training designers and providers, trainers or facilitators involved either directly in training or in its oversight will benefit from this circular as it will assist them in their efforts to ensure training efficiency and effectiveness.”

from the Introduction to ICAO Circular 323


ICAO Circular 323 addresses four main areas:

Chapter 1.  Training design and development

  • Training objectives
  • Curriculum development
  • Training approaches
  • Use of technology in training

Chapter 2.  Training delivery

  • Program design and management
  • Learner motivation
  • Training materials
  • Progress monitoring and remedial training

Chapter 3.  Trainer profiles and backgrounds

  • Qualifications, experience and attitude
  • Operational knowledge
  • Teaching focus
  • Classroom management

Chapter 4.  Trainer training

  • Theoretical training
  • Linguistic awareness
  • SME & ELE Trainer teams
  • Distance-based & blended-learning programs

SEE   ICAO Circ. 323 at SKYbrary

SEE   ICAEA Circ. 323 presentation

SEE   ICAO Circ. 323 at SKYbrary

SEE   ICAEA Circ. 323 presentation