Helping CAAs improve ICAO LPR testing standards

ICAEA provided TDG Workshops in four locations in 2019. The Workshops introduced, explained and offered guided support in using the ICAO LPR Test Design Guidelines. These events demonstrated how test design influences all aspects of the assessment process.

The Workshops were specifically designed for:
CAA LPR Focal Points – responsible for ICAO LPR testing and licensing issues including test approval and auditing,
Airline/ANSP Licensing & Training Managers – responsible for test selection and implementation,
Test Developers & Service Providers – involved in test design, development and maintenance.

Each 2.5-day workshop featured the same hands-on programme, offering opportunities to:

  • examine the ICAO LPR Test Design Guidelines in detail,
  • look at hypothetical test tasks and how the design of test instruments influences assessment outcomes, as reflected by each of the TDG criteria,
  • share experiences and reflect on achievements and challenges, with a view to fostering cooperation and sharing between States.

The Workshops also demonstrated how to use the TDG Checklist tool, that assists when applying the Guidelines during test selection and ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes.

Workshop 1 – Europe (W)

Date: 9-11 October 2019
Location: Luxembourg
Hosted by: Eurocontrol IANS
Organised by: ICAO EUR/NAT Office

Workshop 2 – Europe (E)

Date: 14-16 October 2019
Location: Tbilisi
Hosted by: Georgian Civil Aviation Authority
Organised by: ICAO EUR/NAT Office

Workshop 3 – Asia-Pacific

Date: 28-30 October 2019
Location: Bangkok
Hosted by: Aeronautical Radio of Thailand
Supported by: ICAO Asia-Pacific Office

Workshop 4 – Americas

Date: 20-22 November 2019
Location: Buenos Aires
Hosted by: CeFePra
Supported by: ICAO South America Office


DOWNLOAD   Session 1: Achievements and Challenges (2.7 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 2: Revisiting the aims of the ICAO LPRs (1.2 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 3: Introduction to the Test Design Guidelines (1.5 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 4a: TDG Criterion 2 (2.2 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 4b: TDG Criterion 6 (3.4 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 5: Survey Results (1.3 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 6a: TDG Criteria 1 & 7 (7.3 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 6b: TDG Criterion 3 (3.3 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 7: Interactive Discussion (0.9 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 8a: TDG Criterion 4 (2.9 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 8b: TDG Criterion 5 (3.3 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 9: TDG Criterion 8 (1.0 MB)

DOWNLOAD   Session 10: Applying the Test Evaluation Toolkit (1.1 MB)

DOWNLOAD   TDG Workshop Handbook & Programme (6.3 MB)


The ICAEA Board would like to express its sincere thanks to the workshop attendees, whose constructive engagement helped create a dynamic and supportive environment for the sharing of ideas and experience.

Our particular thanks go to ICAO and the hosts for their generous support, which ensured the smooth running and success of each event.